What If

Every day, Nicky wakes up with knots in her stomach and worries in her brain. While most kids can’t wait for recess so they can hit the playground, anxious Nicky would rather spend her time safely hidden away in the school’s sick room with her Big Book of Birds. In the sick room, Nicky can enjoy her routine in peace and quiet – but when Milo, a rambunctious boy with diabetes, comes barreling into her life, Nicky’s peace and quiet turns to chaos! At first, these polar opposites’ worlds collide, but as time goes on, cautious Nicky and adventurous Milo both come to discover they may have more to learn from each other than they think.


POOF is the story of Gill, a self described, “extremely average 16 year old girl”. She isn’t cool like 16 year old girls in movies, and she isn’t a loser like 16 year old girls in movies, either. She is just a 16 year old girl.

So why does your self described “extremely average 16 year old girl” interrupt her school’s production of Romeo and Juliet to declare that something about its definition of love feels inadequate? Gill is processing the death of her Grandma, her parents’ impending divorce, and that she has been cast as the minor role of Balthazar in R and J, while her crush, Qasim, is cast as Romeo. 

POOF is about love, grief, change and how language can fall short to describe the ways in which we are feeling. It is about how sometimes, everything happens at once. It is about how illegible notes from a dying loved one might lead you to find a bit of what you are looking for in an unexpected place.

Scares and Frights

When cousins MJ and Bibi befriend a silly shadow monster named Wolfie, they’re led on an adventure through the weird, wild (and sometimes spooky) world of Shadowlandia, a place that exists between the light and something else. Scares, Frights, Joys & Delights is a play about facing fears, letting go of perfection and learning to be true to yourself.

Jonathan Mourant’s Disney’s Toontown

As an ambitious student activist, Viz expects their friends to be as committed as they are to the battle against climate change. But when they regress into the whimsical world of Disney’s Toontown, where cartoon animals resist the oppressive forces of the grey, business-loving Cogs, Viz is caught in a difficult choice: do they work within the system to make it better, or join their friends in raging against the machine?